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Announcement: March, 2018 
Non-Banking Financial Institution business (Demerged Undertaking) of Company's Holding Company, Bajoria Holdings Pvt Ltd (BHPL) has got demerged and merged with Bajoria Financial Services Pvt Ltd (BFSPL) on and from 01.04.2017, 16th March 2018Details
Announcement: February, 2018 
Mr Kamal Sarda has ceased to hold the post of ‘Chief Financial Officer’ and Mr Sikander Yadav appointed as ‘Chief Financial Officer’ of the Company, 10th February 2018Details
Conference Call on Financial Performance for Q3 & 9M FY20017-18 on 14th February, 2018 at 10.30 AM IST, 07th February 2018Details
Announcement: January, 2018 
Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company will be held on Saturday, 10th February, 2018, 11th January 2018Details